Things To Do In Carvoeiro

The very first time I went to Portugal, I spent my time worrying that I wouldn’t be able to find things to do in Carvoeiro. After all, I love exploring but whenever you mention a trip to Portugal, you hear about how gorgeous Lisbon, Porto or Albufeira are. Little ol’ Carvoeiro? It’s not mentioned as […]

Carvoeiro Beach: Praia De Paraiso

If you stand at the precipice staring down at Carvoeiro beach, you’ll see it’s an incredibly beautiful sight. But when you look at the sands of Carvoeiro beach you see sunbeds, umbrellas, boats for day trips to the caves and a whole lot of people. Which, when you’re trying to relax, is less than ideal. […]

Carvoeiro To Ferragudo

Ferragudo, like Carvoeiro, was a place I hadn’t really heard of until I was on my way there. After exploring the coastal cliffs of Algar Seco, S and I decided that we wanted to explore further afoot and so we hopped on Carvoeiro’s Land Train to see what lay waiting for us in the nearby town […]

Walking Along Algar Seco

Algar Seco was one of those walks where you have no idea where you’re heading, but you choose a direction and wander anyway, only to find yourself in a rather beautiful spot.     After heading down to Gelados and Companhia for breakfast (crepes if you were wondering – I had ham, S had ham […]

Cliffside Climbing

A short while ago I wrote a post about a boat tour through the caves of Carvoeiro, but what I didn’t mention, was that on the way back, we saw this. Update: This is how the magic people got inside. This picture peaked my curiosity slightly more than the boat trip itself, because it gave […]

Ele and Ela

Social media is a great tool. It lets you know what people are thinking and what people are doing. But my favourite use of social media is finding out where people’s favourite places to eat are. So when we were planning our trip to Carvoeiro, Portugal, I leapt on Twitter to see if anybody had any […]

Carvoeiro’s Caves

Walking through the town of Carvoeiro, I was undecided on how I felt about the place. It was cute and quaint and beautiful, but it also had an undeniable “sea-side town” vibe with inflatables and flip flops lining every shop front. But the longer I spent there, the more I realised that my previous assumptions about […]

Gelados And Companhia

This is the face of a girl who is hopelessly in love with waffles and gelato. This is the face of the girl who is sad that said waffles and gelato are all gone. And if you have ever tasted Gelados And Companhia’s gelato you’d understand why running out is such a sad occurrence. Because Gelados […]

Hello Carvoeiro!

On Saturday evening I arrived in Portugal. I stepped off the plane and was instantly swaddled in a 35 degree embrace. My suitcase wheeled infront of me (I don’t carry much luggage so S and I shared a suitcase which he was very kindly wheeling!) all the way to the car rental shack. Keys in […]