Packing For The Slopes

Packing for a trip to the slopes can be a daunting thing, especially if you’ve never been before. I mean sure you know to pack warm layers because there’s snow so of course it must be cold, but outside of that what do you take? What layers do you need? What equipments is a must? And […]

Les Arcs Day Trip

Snow covered mountains are the most incredible place to wake up. You wake up in the most gloriously warm room, pad over to the windows and throw open the curtains. The snow blinds you for a few seconds, but when your eyes adjust you see white. Clean, pure, white. You open the window and the […]

A White Christmas

My eyes blinked open as I realised that I was too hot. The room was pitch black and S was draped over me like a blanket. I kicked my leg out of the actual blanket in search of cool air and as I stirred S planted a gentle kiss on the side of my head “Merry Christmas darling” […]

Change of La Plagne

I’m a sucker for adventure. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a change of country or a spontaneous road trip – if the opportunity is there, then it’s pretty much a sure bet that I’ll want to experience it. So when the opportunity arose to take a last minute trip to La Plagne over Christmas, my original […]

Skydiving Neverathon APA

Have you ever wanted to do something for ages but for some reason you keep putting it off? Well that was me when it came to skydiving. Like so many others, skydiving had been on my Bucket List for a while. It had stayed on the list for a while because, yano fear of death and […]

St Michael’s Mount.

I have a confession to make. I watch way to much Walking Dead (if such a limit exists). So much so that when S and I recently went to St Michael’s Mount I couldn’t help but think how perfect it would be as a place to escape to should the zombie apocalypse happen. For those of […]


I never thought I’d find myself writing about a bunch of rocks. Much less going to see a bunch of rocks on purpose. But Mên-An-Tol proved that I can still surprise myself. After we had finished exploring The Minack Theatre S took us for a drive on a quest to find food and sate the hunger that […]

The Minack Theatre

Looking at these photos I can hear your mind questioning away. Where is this? Is this Greece? And I’d forgive you for questioning it. But believe it or not this beautiful place is actually in England. Cornwall to be precise! I know I know, those blue skies were incredibly deceiving! We recently took a trip to […]

Natalie Ewens Hairdressing

If you’re looking to find Chichester Hairdressers, then Natalie Ewens Hairdressing has been my haircare secret for over a decade of my life.   Let’s have a vote. Hands up if you’ve ever felt personally victimised by Regina George your hairdresser. Ok, good. I’m not the only one then.     I have had more than […]

West Dean Gardens

I can guarantee you that if you spent five minutes on Google searching your local area, the results would turn up an abundance of places you have never visited. I’m on a mission to show you all as much of this beautiful place I call home as I can and one of my favourite places […]

Cliffside Climbing

A short while ago I wrote a post about a boat tour through the caves of Carvoeiro, but what I didn’t mention, was that on the way back, we saw this. Update: This is how the magic people got inside. This picture peaked my curiosity slightly more than the boat trip itself, because it gave […]

Ele and Ela, Carvoeiro

Nestled in the centre of Carvoeiro, is Ele and Ela, a bistro-style eatery serving up an array of Mediterranean dishes on a small but eclectic menu in an inviting and unpretentious setting. Created by chef and host Harald, the cosy restaurant has built up quite the loyal following, and so bookings are very much advised! […]

Why I Love Flying

I remember the first time I ever boarded a plane. I was eleven years old and was travelling to Verbier in Switzerland for a skiing holiday with my Grandma’s side of the family. (Side note: She’d totally clip me round the ear if she knew I’d called her Grandma haha). I remember everything about that […]

Players Classic

Growing up I was obsessed with the Fast and Furious franchise. Sure there are much better films out there, and some of the F&F plot lines are extremely unrealistic *cough*World’sLongestRunway*cough* but for me it wasn’t the structure of the films, but the lifestyle. It represented a family that was chosen. A family that was formed on […]

7 Bone Burger Co

I spend most of my days dreaming about food. If I’m not eating it, I’m cooking it, and if I’m not cooking it I’m pinning recipes on Pinterest ready to cook. But every so often the food that I find myself dreaming about most, is burgers. If you’ve been stopping by this blog of mine for a while I’m […]

Swanbourne Lake

I adore rowing. It’s probably the only gym-exercise I actually 100% enjoy pushing myself past my mental limits on. But when the sun is out (or most other days to be honest) there’s not a single part of me that wants to spend the day inside the gym when I could be outside basking in […]

Weald And Downland Museum

If you had asked me last year what I thought of England I probably would have told you that I’m really not happy because it’s cold and I miss living in shorts and flip-flops. But now? Well, I love being able to wear trousers again, I no longer take the patchwork quilt of greens, browns […]

Thoughts On Travel

“How To Quit Your Job And Travel The World!” It feels like every few minutes I stumble across somebody who has done just that. Saved up a few thousand of their hard earned pounds, quit their job and left to travel the world. And that’s wonderful. I admire anyone who knows what they want from life and […]

West Wittering Beach

There’s nothing better for the soul than a trip to the beach. The soft sand beneath your toes, the wind whistling through your hair, the sun beaming onto your skin and the sound of waves crashing against the shore. Suuure it’s March so the temperature in England rarely exceeds 15ºc, but that doesn’t make it […]

Chichester Walls

Things have been quiet on the blog lately and I hate that, but the truth is I’ve been busy stuffing my face with various friends at their various houses and also because Chichester is sorta kinda incredibly boring in winter. It’s undeniably beautiful but due to its small population and countryside location, when the seasons change and […]

Kingley Vale

Sunday’s were made for the countryside. There’s just something so satisfying about a roast dinner, followed by a wander through the greens and yellows that surround so much of England. So when my uncle and his family came down from the city to visit, it seemed like the perfect way to spend an afternoon. Kingley Vale is a […]

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