El Castizo

Tapas is my favourite. Not just because of the barrages of jamon, cheese and well flavoured carbs on offer, but because dining is a social experience where everybody tucks into an array of share-sized goodies. And because everything is share sized, it means you get to try a little bit of everything. El Castizo is small […]

EL 58

Is there anything more annoying than going to a restaurant and discovering that it’s closed? Well after our not-so-quick siesta, and a fifteen minute walk to our location, that’s exactly what happened to us. It was annoying to say the least, especially as I tend to get very… hangry… when I wake up. But every […]

Bangkok’s Best Burgers

The first few months of living in Bangkok were difficult. Not just because of the heat, the new way of life, or the language barrier, but because after years of building up a collection of my favourite food hangouts in England, moving to Bangkok put me straight back at square one. Thai food is one of, […]

Taste: Food Festival

Being back in England has been a whirlwind of emotions, and whilst right now I cannot leave, that doesn’t stop my feet from itching to get back out walking amongst foreign lands. Being back isn’t easy, and I constantly find myself struggling between what I want, and what I need to do now in order […]

Seven Spoons

When S and I were living in Bangkok we lived in a very Thai area called Pinklao. It was a mere 2 minute drive (or a fifteen minute walk if you could bear the heat!) to the Chao Phraya river but it was miles away from a MRT (underground) or BTS (sky train) station. Each […]

La Table De Tee

La Table De Tee was a restaurant I stumbled across when perusing affordable tasting menus in Thailand. I’d wanted to experience a tasting menu for a while in Bangkok, however, with the prices sitting in the triple digits, S and I had never got around to doing it. But then we found La Table De […]


Burgers.     Burgers are a food of the gods. Ok not really, but they should be. Meat, bun, and topping: it’s a deliciously simple combination with endless variations.   After a few months in Bangkok I was worried. It seemed no matter where I went the burgers were always average (at best). But then […]


Sheepshank is the newest addition to the Chao Phraya river. But unlike the usual hotels that flock to the river banks, Sheepshank is a little different.     Located just outside of Phra Athit (Pier 13), the old boatyard has been given a new lease of life with a sleek new makeover, which includes a […]

Swissôtel Nai Lert Park*

Swissôtel Nai Lert Park is a five star hotel in central Bangkok, but it may as well be in another part of Thailand altogether.     Bangkok is huge, noisy and… well… concrete. Yet when you step into Swissôtel the background noise of Bangkok dissipates, and instead what you’re left with is high rise ceilings, […]

Taste of Thailand*

When people mention Thailand, food is often one of the first things that springs to mind. A huge mixing pot of flavours, Bangkok is filled with almost every kind of food imaginable; Ice-cream, fruit, grilled meats, soup, pastry, pudding, noodles and rice dishes to go, the streets of Bangkok have it all. But sometimes having […]


Opening just last month, McMahon’s Kitchen and Dessert Bar is the new kid on the block, but with its crisp decor and artfully presented dishes, it has already earned its place in the slice of ‘foodie’ heaven known as Thong Lor, and I was lucky enough to go there to ring in the new year. […]

Hyde & Seek

  Burgers are a wonderful thing. Soft breaded goodness surrounding meaty patties, designed so that every bite gets a mouthful of flavour. They are a thing of beauty. Unfortunately some burgers are goddamn awful, and during my last 8 months in Bangkok I think I may have tried them all. However I have recently found a place […]

Tapas Cafe

Thailand is great for food. It’s delicious, spicy, cheap and often.. surprising Not only that, but it is also highly accessible, with restaurants, stalls and pop up stands everywhere you look, filling the streets with aromas that excite your senses.   But after months of stir fry, curry and noodles, there comes a time when you want […]

Cabbage and Condoms

Cabbage and Condoms is a restaurant in Thailand that many have heard about. Set up by Mechai Viravaidya, he created a programme called the PDA which has spent many years dedicated to promoting family planning in urban and rural areas of Thailand. The proceeds from both here, and the Birds and The Bee’s resort in Pattaya, […]

Freshy Freeze

Located on the top floor of Central World in Bangkok is an exciting little surprise just waiting for the chance to tantalise your taste buds. Freshy Freeze.     Freshy Freeze is an ice-cream parlour with a slight twist… There are many flavours to choose from, ranging from decadent options such as strawberry cheesecake, banana and fudge […]

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