Motorcycle Trip: Un, Deux, Trois

  After wandering along the top of Fourviere we clambered into the cable car and rode down the hill and into the streets of Lyon.     Gorgeous architecture towered over us as we wandered the streets in search of food     Bars, gelato shops, restaurants and the token “Irish” bar (that every location […]

The Burger Shop Co

Finding new places to eat is one of my favourite things to do,  so when I heard that The Burger Shop Co, the new burger shop in Arundel, had opened I knew it was time I stopped by for a visit. The Burger Shop Co’s mission is simple: To serve proper burgers, beers and cocktails. […]

Taco Bell Southampton

Do you ever go to a launch event and find a prop which perfectly describes you at every social event, ever? No. Me neither. *whistles* The thing is, food is great. I mean, I’m sure as grown up humans who survived the first stages of infancy and went on to feed yourselves, that you are well […]

Roasted Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkins. A fruit (yes for realz) which has grown increasingly popular with every spiced latte, pie and cake that each season brings. But no matter what you do with them whether you carve, roast or puree – one thing’s for certain; soup is a timeless dish, and now that the sun sets around 4pm (gulp) and […]

Where To Eat In Pattaya

As S and I clambered out of the car with sleepy legs, “where to eat in Pattaya” was the first question which crossed our minds. We had just arrived at our hotel after a swift two hour drive from Bangkok, and as always… We were hungry. The problem with hunger is that I go from ‘hungry’ […]

Pina Coladapops

Pina Coladapops were the magical equation of a hot day and long forgotten cupboard ingredients. If you’ve been on the internet over the past few days I’m pretty sure you would have seen *somebody* mentioning how great the weather is, and whilst that may not seem newsworthy to most of the world, genuine perfect days […]

Ilios, Eindhoven

Choosing where to eat in a new city can be a difficult task. I don’t tend to use TripAdvisor, because as somebody who used to work in the food industry, I feel that so often it’s incredibly damaging to restaurants without due cause (such as when the customers are unbearable beyond belief yet somehow the restaurant gets […]


If you’re looking for a place to eat with character and charm, then boy have I found the place for you. You see on a typically rainy English day S and I found ourselves sat in the car with hangrrr looming but no idea where to head for lunch. You see our lunch-list repertoire has […]

The Bao-Factor

I love London. I love the busy streets, the eclectic shops and the various flavours that entwine and captivate your senses as you wander the streets. But I find that after a few days in The Big Smoke I get sensory overload , so instead I tend to plan day trips, and those day trips usually have […]

Ele and Ela

Social media is a great tool. It lets you know what people are thinking and what people are doing. But my favourite use of social media is finding out where people’s favourite places to eat are. So when we were planning our trip to Carvoeiro, Portugal, I leapt on Twitter to see if anybody had any […]

Gelados And Companhia

This is the face of a girl who is hopelessly in love with waffles and gelato. This is the face of the girl who is sad that said waffles and gelato are all gone. And if you have ever tasted Gelados And Companhia’s gelato you’d understand why running out is such a sad occurrence. Because Gelados […]

Artie’s Kitchen

It feels like as soon as a new place opens in Chichester, it closes again. (Such is the life when you live in a small city with silly rent prices!) So when an independent pops up, I feel like it’s my duty to go and check it out before it disappears. So on Saturday morning […]

7 Bone Burger Co

I spend most of my days dreaming about food. If I’m not eating it, I’m cooking it, and if I’m not cooking it I’m pinning recipes on Pinterest ready to cook. But every so often the food that I find myself dreaming about most, is burgers. If you’ve been stopping by this blog of mine for a while I’m […]

Chicken Noodle Soup

Every relationship has its secrets, and mine is no different. But my secret is not the deviant kind, but more of the I’m-quite-happy-leaving-S-to-think-that-I’m-some-sort-of-domestic-goddess-even-though-the-dish-I’m-about-to-show-you-takes-less-than-ten-minutes-to-make kind. So today I’m letting you in on my (now) not-so-secret dish.     Thai-inspired chicken noodle soup. This dish came to be whilst I was doing a food shop and realised that […]

6oz Burgers Southsea

Big cities. They’re filled with amazing food places. High end restaurants, food trucks and pop up stalls – there’s something for every taste preference and every budget. But when you live in a small coastal town on the South of England, these places can be harder to come by, especially when you’re surrounded by a shit-ton […]

Lamb Gyros

I’m terrible at food photography. I’d love to be one of these people that takes outstanding photos and can make something as simple as a cheese sandwich look insanely delectable, but bad lighting, minimal utensils and no desire to turn the kitchen into one worthy of a spread in ‘Country Living’ magazine until we buy […]

El Castizo

Tapas is my favourite. Not just because of the barrages of jamon, cheese and well flavoured carbs on offer, but because dining is a social experience where everybody tucks into an array of share-sized goodies. And because everything is share sized, it means you get to try a little bit of everything.   El Castizo […]

EL 58

Is there anything more annoying than going to a restaurant and discovering that it’s closed? Well after our not-so-quick siesta, and a fifteen minute walk to our location, that’s exactly what happened to us. It was annoying to say the least, especially as I tend to get very… hangry… when I wake up. But every […]

Bangkok’s Best Burgers

The first few months of living in Bangkok were difficult. Not just because of the heat, the new way of life, or the language barrier, but because after years of building up a collection of my favourite food hangouts in England, moving to Bangkok put me straight back at square one. Thai food is one of, […]

Taste: Food Festival

Being back in England has been a whirlwind of emotions, and whilst right now I cannot leave, that doesn’t stop my feet from itching to get back out walking amongst foreign lands. Being back isn’t easy, and I constantly find myself struggling between what I want, and what I need to do now in order […]

Seven Spoons

When S and I were living in Bangkok we lived in a very Thai area called Pinklao. It was a mere 2 minute drive (or a fifteen minute walk if you could bear the heat!) to the Chao Phraya river but it was miles away from a MRT (underground) or BTS (sky train) station. Each […]