Perception is a funny thing. If you’re new here you may have missed this post which I wrote back when it wasn’t minus ridiculous degrees. If you don’t have time to read it, it was a personal post I wrote about being vulnerable, growing up and the emotions which accompany both and I honestly didn’t expect […]

Body Confidence

Words can heal, words can inspire, words can defend, and words can unite. But when the words you are hearing are; “You alright there fried eggs” “You’d look so pretty if you didn’t have that wonky tooth” “Wheyyy, check out those thunder thighs” Words can hurt. Words hurt so much more than people realise, and […]

Back In Bangkok

  From the moment my feet stepped outside of the airport doors I knew I was in trouble. The sound of traffic grew louder, the smell of hot concrete grew stronger and the familiar heat swaddled me in its ever-sticky embrace. I had landed in Bangkok and I was in trouble because in mere minutes […]

When Are You Having Kids?

If I had a pound for every time somebody asked me when I was going to have children, I’d have enough money to settle the lawsuits which came from stitching their mouths shut. It’s a funny old question isn’t it? One that seems harmless enough yet is such a personal pry into somebody’s life. I […]

Growing Up

Growing up is difficult, because it’s so easy to let other people dictate who you are.     Growing up I was always told that I was “too” much. I was “too loud”, “too muscly”, “too opinionated”, ‘too confident”. Basically I was “too” anything if I had a characteristic that another person didn’t like, and for an […]

Why ‘Toothbrush Travels’?

If you’re reading this and you write a blog then you already know that naming a blog is bladdy difficult… But if you’re reading this as somebody who doesn’t blog, then I’m going to tell you this: Naming a blog is harder than naming a baby. I know, I know, bold claim. The thing is, when […]

Three Year Bloggiversary

If you told me three years ago that I’d be able to sit here and say “HEY YOU GUYS TODAY IS MY THREE YEAR BLOGGIVERSARY!” I’d tell you you were mad and then laugh you out of the room because everybody who knew me knows that my interests used to change quicker than the English weather. Yet […]

100 Points of Happy

As I was driving to work today, all happy, singing along to my favourite tunes on the radio, I realised that it’s so easy to get consumed by all of the negativity in the world (for example people whom drive 20mph in a 50 *SMH*) and negativity is shared so often that sometimes it can be […]

Why So Smear-ious?

Time flies doesn’t it? I mean one minute you’re going to school with your skirt folded over itself like fifteen times so that it doesn’t reach your knees and you’re wearing footless tights (because hahahah who actually wore leggings back then) and your eyes are covered in ALL the Barry M dazzle dust, and then […]

Chance And Courage

Everything goes through a cycle of life; relationships, humans and jobs. And a natural stage of the cycle of life is the end. If you’re a regular reader of Toothbrush Travels you may remember that in this post I mentioned that I handed in my resignation at work, and on the 26th of February I walked out […]


It’s incredibly hard to trust yourself.     So often your instinct will tell you something far before it actually turns into a reality, yet so many of us struggle to listen to ourselves and trust that what our instinct is saying is a direct correlation of what we are feeling. So often we wait for physical confirmation of […]

Sometimes Labels Are Important

  Every year at Christmas the blogosphere goes crazy. Webpages are filled with Christmas baking inspiration, Christmas markets, Christmas gift guides and Pinterest blows up with a great big puff of icing sugar. Then come January everybody wants to tell you about what they got for Christmas, which is fine, but not something I like to personally […]


When I woke up this morning I planned to write a post about our winter escape. I planned to write about the purity of snow. I planned to write about ice-caves and skiing and the crunch that accompanies each snowy footstep. But then I went to work. And I had a manic (and not in […]

New Beginnings

Last month I promised an announcement on my birthday. As you can probably tell… I’m not the most punctual person when it comes to my blog, because my birthday was on the 27th and that date has been and gone and there has been no declaration of exciting news, and for that darling blog readers, […]


Sometimes things change before you even realise.   I was adding category tags to my old posts just now when I stumbled across this post. It was only 8 months ago but I can still remember how totally and utterly defeated I felt at the time of writing it. I knew I needed to make changes, I […]

Beauty Isn’t Applied

Hi. My name’s Amy and this is my face. You may be thinking “I already know what you look like silly” or “my word you look rough” and if your first thought was the latter, then you are part of the reason I am writing this post. The other day I was walking through my […]

One Year

I had plans today. Plans to go out, meet a friend, and catch up over cocktails. Unfortunately S accidentally picked my keys up (as well as his own) this morning, so I can’t leave the house or I’ll lock myself out. I’m pretty much a prisoner in my own home. Except with more chocolate and […]


I was going to write a post today about some of the things I’ve been up to recently (which you can find on my instagram) but then I started procrastinating and I got distracted by Facebook and before I knew it I had spent 25 minutes looking at old pictures of myself and sharing the most shameful […]

Hey Mum

Mother’s day was yesterday here in England. A whole day dedicated to the person who brought us up (shut up Dad – your day is in 3 months). But even though I love my mum, and she undoubtedly knows this, there are so many reasons why I love her that I don’t think I’ve ever told her. So […]


It’s been a while since I last logged onto my laptop and actually felt like publishing a post. Ever since I handed my notice in to my employer six weeks ago my head has been spinning with thoughts ranging from confidence and self empowerment, to self-doubt and sadness, and because I’ve been feeling the entire […]

What If

  Friday marked the end of my days working as an Assistant Manager, and the beginning of me trying to get my foot in the door of a career I want, and I’m still not quite sure how I feel about it.   What if I don’t find a job that involves social media marketing or writing? What […]