Ten Years

Ten years is a very long time. It’s between 56-60 dog years. Or if you prefer to count in human terms it’s 120 months. That’s 521.49 weeks (thanks Google) Or 87,600 hours. Whichever way you look at it, it’s a serious chunk of time. And it’s exactly how long I’ve spent with this fella:   […]

Hello Again

As I sit in the garden I realise how annoying it is that the gentle breeze keeps blowing my hair gently across my back. It fucking tickles. To the right of me S’ motorbike cover ripples in the breeze causing a crinkling sound, broken only by the seagulls squawking from our roof, and the gentle […]

Find What You Love

There’s a saying which goes “find what you love and do more of it” and as we got back from our road trip around France my soul was once again soothed having spent the past week doing just that. Sure, by the time we got home it was dark, I was sweaty and I’m pretty sure […]


The month was June, the day was Tuesday and I was spending it with Nikki as she was in England for a short while. As we walked along the Thames, my phone rang. “Hello Amy, it’s Annabelle, just calling to let you know that the vendor has accepted your offer”. I stopped dead in my […]

A Day In The Life

I’ve never done one of these “day in the life” posts before. Mainly because I’m forgetful and forget to remember every little thing I’m up to, but also because I’m sure that there are a lot of times where my life is interesting for me, but not my readers. (Unless that’s wrong in which case […]

Currently: The 2018 Edition

In 2014 I wrote a list. This list to be exact.   I thought it would be a good way to capture what it was I was feeling in that moment without spilling my metaphorical guts onto the internet. When I published that post I was exhausted from working ridiculous hours in an industry I […]

Recognising Travel Privilege

I love blogging, I love travelling – so the fact that travel blogging exists makes my heart incredibly happy. I’m able to read about adventures from all of the metaphorical corners of the globe, whilst sitting in my blanket with a cup of English Breakfast Tea. I’m able to discover people’s stories and learn about […]

My Favourite Travel Buddy

This is S.     If you’ve been on my blog before there’s a 85% chance that you’ve seen his face, and if you haven’t here’s another picture.     Cute, eh?   His real name is Sam, but to be honest I’ve been calling him S on here for such a long time that […]

How Lara Croft Helped Me Realise That Representation Matters

On the 8th of this month I wrote a post dedicated to women. (You can find it here if you missed it). And in that post I mentioned that I didn’t really have a role model growing up. My exact words were: “I didn’t grow up with any female role models. The closest thing I […]

Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself…

My name is Hov’ (oh) H-to-the-O-V. It’s not really. It’s Amy. This is me. Some of you may already know this, some of you may not. But whilst I was doing some blog maintenance earlier I noticed that there were more people hanging round these internet parts than usual, so I thought I’d pop together […]

Why Rest Is Important

The importance of rest is a subject I am well versed in. Ask S. He’ll tell you (much to his annoyance) that I’m a total champ when it comes to sleep. Sidenote: S would say that technically that sentence should say that I “used to be” because throughout March I’ve been blogging everyday and haven’t […]

International Women’s Day: An Ode To Women

When I opened my laptop earlier today to start a new blogpost, I was intending to write about a day trip that I took. But the more I’ve been staring at my keyboard, the more I realise that I don’t want to talk about where I travelled to, I want to talk about the people […]

Why I Decided To Blog Everyday For A Month

At the beginning of the year I sat down with a Google spreadsheet (forgive me Paperchase, for I have sinned) and I wrote down everything that I wanted to achieve with this blog. It wasn’t until I had finished typing and looked back at my handiwork, that I realised that not a single one of […]

How Travel Ignited My Burnout Recovery

Fatigue, migraines, loss of appetite and an immune system which betrayed my, previously celebrated, record of minimal sick days. It was official. Burnout had caught me in its exhaustive clutch.   Anxiety which I previously only felt in awkward social situations crept into other areas of my life and contaminated spaces where I usually had […]

Motorcycle Trip: Kent To Reims

Day one of riding around France was a long one. The day started with us waking up exceptionally early, packing up the panniers and me swinging my leg over before we rode off into the sunrise… Kind of. And by kind of, I mean that that story may have included a slight lie because the […]

My Shop Is Live!

Is it possible to be dead and alive at the same time?     This is the question I find myself asking myself (because we’re all totally guilty of talking to ourselves amirite?) as I lay in the bath soaking away the stress of a weeks worth of 2am bedtimes, and as I lay there […]

An Ode To Blogger Boyfriends

We don’t take advantage of you as much as the internet says we do but you are our handbag-holding, angle-finding photo-taking saviours. You’re more than an assistant but do way less work than a business partner. You listen to us talk about flat lays, SEO, WordPress themes, helpful plugins and ERMAGEEEEHD SO AND SO JUST LEFT […]

Get Ready…

“2017 is going to be my year” Is a sentence I’ve muttered to myself more over these past twelve days than I should probably admit. But 2017 is already off to a pretty solid start so I really don’t care how cliche I am. I spent the first week of the year bed-bound and full of flu which […]

My First Tattoo

Think before you ink. It’s a mantra I have been repeating to myself for years. Not because I’m particularly afraid of committing to having something which will be on me for the rest of my life, but more because when you choose to get something which will be on you for the rest of your […]

A New Year

  As the car door slammed and the stones grinded beneath my feet as I made my way out of the carpark I took a deep breath. For today was the day I would finally make it to the top of Kingley Vale.   I probably should have picked a better day for it to […]


As I sit here writing this I’m laying on my bed cocooned in a duvet burrito and a feeling of utter bliss. There will be no pictures of that because with the exception of all the fucking swearing I do, this is a (relatively) family friendly blog, but the reason for those happy feelings of contentedness is not because […]