Exploring Cogels Osylei in Zurenborg

Antwerp may be the the city of diamonds and the second biggest harbor of Europe, but for me the real standout point is Cogels Osylei in Zurenborg.     Long story short; Cogels Osylei is a street. But bear with me because long story long; Cogels Osylei is a street in Zurenborg that has the […]

Exploring Antwerp Train Station

It’s not often you can walk into a train station and it blows your mind, but Antwerp Train Station did just that.     It was the first time that I’ve ever been excited to visit a train station. Especially one I wasn’t getting on a train at. Turns out architecture will do that to […]

A Last Minute Trip To Antwerp

As my eyes forced themselves through the sheer horror of a 4am wake up call and opened, a massive smile crept across my face. The type of smile that comes from knowing you’ll be in a new country in just a few hours. It was only 12 hours before that I had booked the hotel […]

Driving To Belgium For Waffles

When I heard that we would be driving to Belgium there was one thing on my mind Waffles. (Why yes that corner is missing because I nibbled on it before taking the photo!) Now, before I delve into these doughy little delights, let’s rewind a little. On Easter bank holiday S and I decided to […]