Exploring Cogels Osylei in Zurenborg

Cogels Osylei in Zurenborg was one of the standout points when I visited Antwerp. I mean sure, Antwerp may be the city of diamonds and the second biggest harbour of Europe, but would you take a look at those houses!     If you’re wondering what Cogels Osylei is, I should probably explain… It’s a […]

Exploring Antwerp Train Station

It’s not often you can walk into a train station and it blows your mind, but Antwerp Train Station did just that.     It was the first time that I’ve ever been excited to visit a train station. Especially one I wasn’t getting on a train at. Turns out architecture will do that to […]

A Last Minute Trip To Antwerp

As my eyes forced themselves through the sheer horror of a 4am wake up call and opened, a massive smile crept across my face. The type of smile that comes from knowing you’ll be in a new country in just a few hours. It was only 12 hours before that I had booked the hotel […]

Driving To Belgium For Waffles

When I heard that we would be driving to Belgium there was one thing on my mind Waffles. (Why yes that corner is missing because I nibbled on it before taking the photo!) Now, before I delve into these doughy little delights, let’s rewind a little. On Easter bank holiday S and I decided to […]