Camp Nou

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The legendary FC Barcelona stadium is must-see attraction for any football lover visiting the city.
But unfortunately, that football lover is not me.

I used to love the game, back in my teenage years when trainers were the only shoes I cared about and make-up was a myth. But as I got older my interests changed, replacing balls with books and trainers with. Well. Every shoe I’ve ever loved. But that doesn’t stop me from appreciating the game and the mass community that follows it.

There were many things that we wanted to see and do in Barcelona, the city is full of opportunities to explore. But whilst we could have easily spent the whole day hopping from attraction to attraction we decided to choose just a few attractions, because as much as I love sightseeing, you just can’t beat wandering around a place on foot.

I choose Gaudi’s Casa Battló and S chose Camp Nou.

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Camp Nou has seen iconic players such as Romário, Kubala, Rivaldo, Cruyff, Ronaldhino and Messi play over the years, and it’s easy to see why so many believe Barcelona to be the greatest club in the world. The passion for the game is palpable in the city, and walking around the grounds of Camp Nou it’s obvious for anybody to see that they care as much about the history of football, as they do about future.

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The tour through the grounds starts with the museum that houses all of the trophies and memorabilia that FC Barcelona has collected throughout the years.

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You then walk through to the press rooms, the players locker room ( which, considering how nice the rest of the club is, looks as though it was a complete after-thought), the tunnel and the pitch.

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As well as commentators booth where S got a little… Overwhelmed for his love of the game.

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The commentators booth (obviously) had the best views and I think would actually keel over in happiness if I ever got to watch a match from up there, but apparently they only let people in that are actually “fans” of football or something.