Bluebells in Chichester

Spring has sprung and the Bluebells in Chichester are out in full force.

I’m quite lucky because I live in an incredibly charming city.
Chichester has it’s pros and cons, like anywhere else in the world, but it’s old roman history combined with its small town city (we have a cathedral don’t you know) and countryside charm means that it makes the most beautiful of places to take a walk around, and when the bluebells in Chichester are out – it’d be rude not to head to Brandy Hole Copse.

Brandy Hole Copse is a nature reserve with 15 acres of wild woodland, a pre-roman dyke, three ponds, evidence of smuggler’s caves and WW 2 defences. I’ll be writing a separate post on Brandy Hole because on this walk we barely scratched the surface, because I just really wanted to go and see the bluebells in Chichester. I mean they’re everywhere, but when you can go for a walk and then pop out for lunch – it’s kind of super convenient!

We picked Rhiannon up from Chichester train station and wandered through the blankets of blue.

Stepping over the bluebells

And limboing under the trees.

Our walk was a little short lived but that’s because I totally forgot that S has hay-fever and when I looked around at him his eyes were streaming. So we cut our walk short and popped for lunch at The Fox Goes Free instead.

Which was delicious!

If you fancy a walk and want to find the bluebells in Chichester:

Just head along the B2178 heading from Chichester towards Fishbourne, and just after the road veers around to the left, you’ll see a little woodland with blankets of beautiful blue! Enter and snap away until you heart’s content!

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