Best Travel Deal Websites For Last Minute Trips

Finding the best travel deal websites can be a total pain in the ass sometimes.
So many travel deal websites claim to offer last-minute trips, but in reality, don’t. They’re more… “last few weeks” rather than last minute, and when you only have a few days before you plan to go away, that isn’t very helpful.

You may remember a short while ago I wrote this post.
If not and you can’t be bothered to read it, S and I found ourselves with unexpected time off work and only a few days to plan a trip. We wanted somewhere short haul, affordable and as warm as could be expected for March. Buuuuuut we totally forgot that it was the school holidays over the time we were looking to go away.


If you’re not familiar with the English school holiday system, all of the schools (regardless of whether primary or secondary) take a break at the same time for the ‘Easter’ holidays and as a result, prices go up exponentially. I don’t blame travel companies for doing this, businesses gotta business, but I do feel for parents because honestly, as if having children wasn’t expensive enough!

It took me a grand total of two and a half days of trawling through Google to find travel deal websites with product offerings that ticked all of our boxes. I had to delve out of the shallows of SEO-focussed content and into page ten and beyond of search results. It was dark back there. Dark and messy. *shudders*

But as with all adventures past the unknown, I found something.
I found travel deal websites that offered discounts (yay) but didn’t state when they departed (boo). I found websites that don’t allow you to search by date without inputting a destination. I found websites that showed destinations but not prices for last minute holidays. I even found a website that looked like it hadn’t been updated since 1998. It was a wild time.

But could I find a travel deal website that offered what we were looking for?
Ok technically yes—but it took some searching to find.
Because like when you lose your keys; the answer is often right in front of you.
But before I get to the part where we hop on a plane and live happily ever after for a week, I wanted to share some of the travel deal websites that I usually turn to when in spontaneous need, to save you from having to go into the unknown territory not-known as the Google abyss.

I’ve given each of the websites my very own rating because I exercised too hard yesterday and can’t move my legs properly, so instead of being out on a Saturday night dancing away like most twenty-somethings are, I’m sat here making up random shit on the internet for something to do instead. So yeah! Read on for my favourite travel deal websites!

Last Minute

Rating: 4/5
I love Last Minute because it isn’t solely tailored towards international travel. Instead, it offers the choice of day trips, city breaks, theatre trips in addition to last minute getaways. It gets a rating of four stars because it couldn’t help me in my time of need and I’m petty. But if you’ve got a week or more as notice before your departure date, then this website is one to check out.

Holiday Pirates

Rating: 3/5
Holiday Pirates is a travel deal website that I haven’t actually booked anything through yet, but I like because it doesn’t make you work for the information. The website sifts through the internet to find the best gems on flights, city breaks and package holidays, and lists the date, price, board, departure details and destination so that you can see from the get-go, whether a deal is right for you.


Rating: 4/5
Easyjet gets a 4/5 rating because I flew with them recently and even though I had a jacket on, I was freezing (not just cold like legit shivering throughout the entire flight) and they didn’t have any blankets. But despite that, Easyjet is still my favourite budget airline. Sure they have their issues every now and then (like only letting on X amount of cabin bags even though there’s always room for like 20 more), but the staff are polite, the travel is safe and they have transparent pricing. It may be a no-frills airline, but what you see is what you get and I haven’t been disappointed yet. Except for the blanket issue. That was incredibly disappointing. But Easyjet also have a pretty nifty last minute travel section. It’s not always the cheapest – which is weird considering their flights are, but they do have an abundance of last minute deals available so it’s worth checking out.

British Airways

Rating: 5/5
British Airways is by no means a discount specialist, but that hasn’t stopped me from making them my favourite travel deal website. Their package wing, BA Holidays, always has the best discounts for last minute trips—and I mean last minute. We booked our trip to Italy with them (blog posts to follow!) the night before we flew.
*That* is how last minute they are.

I initially avoided exploring their website because I had my heart set on visiting Rome and Venice in one trip, and they only offered one or the other through their last minute section. But then I used their trip planner. I originally assumed that the results (outside of the pre-packaged last minute deals) would come back in the four-digits like every other website was. I assumed they would be expensive. But it turns out you shouldn’t assume because you make an ass out of u and me we managed to score flights and hotels for way less than that and I’d honestly never been happier. You lot know how much I love my carbs, so imagine my joy when I realised we *could* go to Italy.

But it wasn’t just our last minute trip that British Airways was good for. BA offer last-minute flights and hotel packages that occasionally work out cheaper than the flights alone. Plus in certain locations throwing in car rental works out to be pretty much be free. They’re pretty great, and as a result they get the 5/5 rating on my ‘totally made up on a Saturday night’ scoring system.
Good job BA.

– – – – – – – – –
Best Travel Deal Websites For Last Minute Trips
What travel deal websites do you use?
Let me know in the comments!
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