Bellecôte Glacier Ice Cave

Time off work is a blessing and a curse.
The blessing speaks for itself but the curse is that when you operate on full speed for the majority of your life, when you have time off work exhaustion and illness tend to catch up with you.

I’d been feeling a little iffy when we flew out to La Plagne for a winter escape, but amid the excitement of getting back on the slopes after 3 years it got pushed aside. After a couple of days however it started to catch up with me, and so I decided to take a day off the skis.
S’ mum Nikki, wasn’t skiing this year due to an injury and so surrounded by snow we decided to hop on the gondola and go for a little adventure.

We got on the gondola at Belle Plagne and took it straight to the top of the Bellecôte Glacier (missing out on the huge queue halfway because people who aren’t skiing have a separate, and empty, queue) where we were met with gorgeous views, an incredibly brisk chill and blankets upon blankets of white snow.


We were just contemplating whether to go for a wander or get a bite to eat when we spotted an ice cave in the distance.

Curious as to what this ice cave could be we bought ticket

And wandered into the abyss


The entry fee was €5 and so we didn’t really know what to expect from the ice cave.
Was it going to be a completely dark cave made out of ice?
Was it going to have a bar inside?
Would we even be able to see anything?

But as we turned the corner we found that everything became significantly more visible.


The smooth walls transformed into dips and edges and as our eyes adjusted we could see that the walls were filled with carvings and the spaces were filled with sculptures.


After exploring the cave for a good hour we went on our way.
Just so you’re aware, you could explore the cave in significantly less time, but I decided to teach Nikki how to use social media (lol) and then I got stuck for about fifteen minutes because I offered to take a solo-travelling lady’s photo, and then I ended up becoming the sculpture photographer for WAY too long because I’m English and awkward and don’t know how to say no.

Eventually I got away, but unfortunately, there was no ice bar inside so we wandered back outside in search of a beverage.

As we stepped outside and begun our voyage to the bar we noticed that the snow was significantly deeper and beautifully untouched. Now, untouched snow can mean many things. It can mean that it’s just snowed and you’re eager and it’s the crack of dawn and you want to go and carve some fresh lines. It can mean that you’ve just stumbled across a super-secret spot and AMAGAD ALL the powder OR it can mean that there’s something beneath it like, ya’know a lake, and you probably shouldn’t touch it in case you fall in and freeze to your death or something.

Now as I’m sure you’re all aware, I have an over-active imagination and so we decided that it was probably a lake and we shouldn’t touch it. So instead of running and jumping into it, we decided to make cute little love notes on the edge of the bank.

I used my glove-less finger (because I’m an idiot) and was halfway into my ‘V’ before realising that Nikki was using a bottle. As I stepped over to reach the bottle, my leg began to disappear into the snow. Inch by inch my salopettes became submerged and it wasn’t long before I was knee-deep in snow.

After realising how deep the snow was I just couldn’t resist.
I bent down…

Braced myself…

And threw myself backwards

So that I could make a snow angel.


As I lay there covered in snow and filled with childish glee, I realised that at some point I was going to have to get up.

But it turns out that getting out of knee-deep snow from a laying down position without ruining your snow angel is pretty damn near impossible.

It was such a perfect snow angel before I stood up!

After way too many giggling fits and falls as we tried to get out of the knee-deep snow before falling, laughing and repeating the cycle again, we were walking over to the bar when Santa and his Elves came over and just insisted that they have a photo with us.

Anything for the fans ya’know.

After standing there admiring the mountainous view for a few minutes, we realised a backdrop like that should not be wasted, and so tried to take some photos worthy of the most curated Instagram feed.

Nikki nailed the catalogue-model look.

Whereas I on the other hand…


Well, I realised that I should probably just stick to writing.

We realised we should probably take a break from living so glamorously and pulled up a deck chair at a nearby bar, and lay basking in the sun with a hot choccy in hand as we gazed at the views.


Before realising that we were hungry, so we made our way down to La Plagne for a spot of lunch in a little sandwich bar inside the shopping centre, whose name I can’t remember because I’m a terrible blogger.

But it was delicious.

Spending a day on the slopes out of my ski boots made me realise that I’ve never actually had the opportunity to explore the resort villages (outside of the ol’ apres-ski happy hours!) because I’m usually out from the moment the lifts open, to the moment the lifts close and so never saw the point, but it turns out that there’s actually quite a few cool little spots to hang out in!

– – – – – – – – –
What about you?
Ski-bunny or more of an apres-ski lover?
Ever been to the ice-cave on the Bellecôte Glacier?
Let me know in the comments!
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