Beauty Isn’t Applied

My name’s Amy and this is my face.

You may be thinking “I already know what you look like silly” or “my word you look rough” and if your first thought was the latter, then you are part of the reason I am writing this post.

The other day I was walking through my local town when I ran into a friend.
As I removed my sunglasses to talk to her she laughed inwardly and said “Late night?”
But that wasn’t what she meant. You see, I didn’t have make-up on and she was trying (not very hard) to “politely” tell me that I looked less ideal without a face full of slap. She wasn’t actively trying to be offensive, nor did I take it that way, but it did get me thinking.

Why does everyone think you look weird without make up?

You don’t.
You look pretty normal to be honest.
Walking around with your face as nature intended.
But somehow society has managed to tell us that your face in its natural state isn’t quite good enough.
That if you have a spot, a blemish or a birthmark you should cover it all up or hide away.

Personally I can go with or without.
Applying make-up is fun. It’s like painting, but my face is the canvas and I get to wear the finished product.
It has the ability to completely transform your face, your attitude, and the right shade of red lipstick makes you feel fierce as hell.
But whilst I love the stuff, it’s not a necessity.
Yet if I leave the house without it I’m looked upon like it’s some kind of shock.
(I still do, because fuck putting on a full face of slap when I just want to go to the shop for a diet coke and Mars bar ice-cream) but it still makes me feel strange, like I’m exposing this secret part of me that I’m not supposed to, and it’s such bullshit. A make-up free face shouldn’t make you feel vulnerable.
People shouldn’t view you as courageous if you go out without make-up on.

So I decided to share these photos today.
Photos that were taken in shoddy light because it was 6pm and shadowy and I couldn’t be bothered to move my tripod into a better location.
Photos where freckles are visible, my skin is multiple colours and still a bit shiny from this mornings moisturiser, and photos where you can see the lines across my face because I’m an expressive person who doesn’t give a fuck about wrinkles.

Because I’m not tired from having a “late night”.
I’m tired of people thinking that beauty is something you apply.
Because it’s not.
Beauty products are amazing, and fun, and colourful, but they’re just that.
You shouldn’t be made to feel like you need them.
Your identity is not made up from a collection of products.
It’s made when the scars that society left behind when it told you you’re not good enough heal, and you finally become comfortable in your own skin.

What do you think?
Is going out make-up free something you feel comfortable with?
Let me know in the comments!

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