Balcony Makeover

When we moved to Bangkok, we took our time picking our apartment.
Three months in and we’re still happy with our decision, there’s just one problem.
It’s not ours.
We’re renting this apartment fully furnished and whilst it’s beautiful, it’s always felt like something was missing.
We couldn’t put our finger on what it was that made us feel this way, until S suggested decorating our balcony. Then it struck us – we miss having a garden.
England has an abundance of greenery which means it’s very easy to find a quiet and relaxed environment. However, when you live in a concrete jungle it’s much more difficult to find that relaxing place. Especially when your apartment is on the 15th floor!
So S and I jumped in the truck and head off to Bang Na to explore the ‘Mega’ mall.
What we found was a whole array of furnishing shops, some had a slightly more eclectic taste, such as the life size horse which had a lampshade as a hat, whereas others had softer furnishings. There was plenty too chose from and we were lucky enough to find everything that we had planned to get.
And thanks to our buildings clerks trolly – we also managed to get everything upstairs into our apartment!

We set aside the next day as our ‘DIY” day.
Where we took our balcony from this:

And turned it into this!


And now we finally have an outside space to chill out on in the evenings!

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