Artie’s Kitchen

It feels like as soon as a new place opens in Chichester, it closes again.
(Such is the life when you live in a small city with silly rent prices!)
So when an independent pops up, I feel like it’s my duty to go and check it out before it disappears.
So on Saturday morning I decided to take the boy out for breakfast and went to visit Artie’s Kitchen in Chichester.
Artie's Kitchen ©
Artie’s Kitchen (formerly known as Artisan Cafe) is a small independent coffee shop at the end of South Street (opposite Argos) in Chichester, and is a place that I rarely frequented before now as I’m not much of a coffee fan. However since its rebranding I’ve been getting to know Artie’s Kitchen a little better, because now the emphasis doesn’t just lay in their coffee options, but in their kitchen options too. You see Artie’s Kitchen has given Chichester residents a treat, and that treat comes in the form of menus. Four menus to be precise: Their breakfast menu, their lunch menu, their tapas menu, and most importantly… Their cocktail menu! (Not pictured… This time).
Artie's Kitchen © 2
Unfortunately cocktails were out of the question at that time in the morning, but their breakfast menu was exactly what we were looking for. Short and varied.
Well. I say we. I had already sneakily eaten a bowl of breakfast that morning (Kellogg’s Krave if you were wondering) so technically it was lunch for me, but for S it was still breakfast time, so naturally our food choices reflected this.
Artie's Kitchen © 5
I went for the mushroom stroganoff served on thick farmhouse garlic bread.
The stroganoff was beautifully creamy and peppery all at once, but unfortunately whilst I was working my way through the mushroomy goodness the bread was turning soggy.
Artie's Kitchen © 4
S decided to try the eggs benedict.
Which was his first time trying the dish.
I know, I KNOW. It’s egg-straordinary that somebody can spend 26 years of their life without trying such a cracking dish. But he tried it. He loved it. He shared it. I loved it.
And I’d happily go back for the eggs alone.
Artie's Kitchen © 3
Unfortunately we were stuffed so had no room for any of the delicious cakes we had walked past on our way in (I’ve tried their banana bread before – it’s pretty dang good). But if you’re looking for comfortable surroundings, a good pot of tea/coffee and delicious food to ease your way into the day – you’ve found the right place.