Appreciating The Familiar

My car turned along the winding roads with the landscape above my steering wheel turning from leafy greens to a dusty pink. As the trees broke you could see the sun was beginning the process of setting and as I glanced upwards I could see Chichester Cathedral in the distance. Beneath the cathedral, were fields. An abundance of greens of all shades with sparse scatterings of brown. I couldn’t help but think about how the drive home looks so different across the world, and how mine is really quite beautiful. Plus it makes my heart happy -because seeing Chichester Cathedral means that I’m almost home.

The Cathedral stands tall so you can see it from almost all directions as you approach the city. It’s a beacon for home to many – you see it and know that you’re almost there. So close to the place where you can kick off your shoes, unclip your bra and slither into your comfies. Minus the teatime traffic delay that stands in your way. But alas, as you make your way towards it it’s hard not to enjoy the view.

You see one of the things I love about travelling, is the contrasts this world has. Because nothing makes you appreciate the views you find familiar, like seeing something new.

Look at fields everyday of your life and it’s just another field. But live in a city and then see the vast greenery with the pops of colour from the flowers and plants that grow alongside it? A completely different perspective.

So I thought I’d make a list of the #5 things I love most about England. Because yano despite the continuous grey skies, it’s actually pretty ace here.

#1: The Great Outdoors

Sure the grey skies are pretty lame but every now and then the parting of the clouds graces us with weather that makes us want to venture out of the duvet and into the great outdoors. Beaches, nature trails and pub gardens; they’re all just awaiting a rain-free day.

#2: Being Safe

I’ve followed the Humans of New York Facebook page for a while now, and the stories Brandon shares showcase both the best and worst of humanity, but one thing it’s made me appreciate above all is how fortunate I am to be safe. I get to go to sleep at night not having to worry about what will happen in the night, a legal system which (usually) works and a healthcare system that’s available to everyone, not just the wealthy.

#3: That History Is Cared For

There are so many ancient monuments, sites and ruins that have been protected, restored and cared for so that future generations can learn about the world’s past, and I love that so much.

#4: The Views

My heart craves city life but I’m a sucker for nature, and no matter what angle you gaze at England from; the landscapes are stunning. Especially when you go sky high.

#5: Family

I’m a Brit born and bred and all of my family live within 6 hours of where I live. I probably don’t see them as often as I should due to conflicting schedules, but it’s pretty ace having them just a few hours away and knowing I can always pop in for a cuppa and a chinwag.

– – – – – – – – – –

What do you love most about the country you live in?
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