Exploring Antwerp Train Station

It’s not often you can walk into a train station and it blows your mind, but Antwerp Train Station did just that.

It was the first time that I’ve ever been excited to visit a train station. Especially one I wasn’t getting on a train at. Turns out architecture will do that to a gal. Not sure why I was so excited?
You see Antwerp Train Station was built back in the 1800’s so it’s sorta kinda very old. But even though it’s got some age behind it, the design is timelessly beautiful. The stone clad terminus buildings and waiting hall dome were designed by Louis Delacenseie, and the viaduct into the station was designed by Jan Van Asperen.
But whilst the station was built as a replacement for the original terminus of the Brussels – Mechelen – Antwerp railway, it’s now widely regarded as the finest railway architecture in Belgium… and it’s easy toorry Sheldon Cooper, you can keep the trains – this enthuiast is perfectly happy with the station!
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Have you ever been to Antwerp Train Station?
What did you think?