Air BnB: My 1st Experience

Air Bnb.
It’s a site that many have heard of but not that many have used.
…Ok that’s a lie.
It seems like everybody has used it and I was, once again, extraordinarily late to the party.

I’d seen various posts on Air BnB from trusted (to me) bloggers such as Relokate and Expat Edna but it wasn’t until Edna sent me a referral link which gave us a savings code that S and I actually signed up to use it.
Because yano.
Can’t resist a cheeky little discount!

We had booked some time off in the beginning of the year and had originally planned to book a last minute trip away but as the dates grew closer and the last of the warm English summer nights crept in I realised, I didn’t want to leave the UK.


I was completely baffled by it too.
We had a whole eleven days where we could have gone anywhere in the world and we chose to stay in the UK. More specifically England. I’ve fallen head over heels for this country of mine and despite living here for 23 of my 24 years, these eyes haven’t actually seen a whole lot of England and S and I are looking to change that, so when our time off came around we decided to book a last minute trip to Cornwall and book our accommodation using Air BnB.

The whole process was fairly simple.
You search for the area you want to stay add the dates you’re looking for and then you can filter your search based on price, specific location, amenities and whether you’re looking for a room or an entire place.

Both guests (people who are looking for accommodation) and hosts (people who are providing accommodation) can leave reviews so you not only get to see see what other people thought of the accommodation, but what the host thought of the guest. A feature that I adore, especially as so many places get slated on TripAdvisor when many were just terrible guests with unrealistic expectations.

We decided to stay in Newlyn and we booked Sealanes Studio Apartment, which was run by Ali.

Everything was booked extraordinarily quickly and three minutes after she accepted our booking my inbox pinged with Ali letting me know that she was out at the moment but would send over the directions and house details as soon as she got home. Five hours later the directions were in my inbox and three days later we were all set to go!
The check in time was fairly later than what I’m used to (5:30pm) but it worked perfectly for this trip as the drive to Cornwall takes around four – five hours from our home so it meant that we didn’t have to get up super early and that we could stop for lunch on route.

Arriving at the apartment was fairly nerve-wracking.
It felt weird going up to somebody’s house to be let in.
Like when you were younger and you used to knock for your friend and you weren’t quite sure if you had the right house or not. But Ali was there to greet us, and with a quick drive up the narrow, steep, winding bend to the back of the house, we were “home”.

Sealanes Studio is an apartment studio situated with Ali’s home.
It’s located on the top floor of her house and is completely self contained with a separate entrance to ensure privacy. The studio is small but incredibly spacious at the same time and the layout works extraordinarily well, especially in the kitchen where space is limited. Ali has utilised the space to the best of it’s potential and whilst it may have looked small, it never once felt it.

The location of the apartment worked perfectly for us, however if a guest was looking for disabled access or an easy walk then it’s not the accommodation for them as it’s situated up a very steep hill and has stair access and was a short drive to the local town. The drive to the apartment entrance was pretty hilarious as due to the nature of the narrow road we needed to reverse up the first part of the hill, so that we could drive forward up the second part!

Having not used Air BnB before I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect whatsoever but Ali, our host, was kind, informative and whilst we didn’t see her much during our stay (we were always out exploring!) she made us aware that she was always available if we needed her.

She also went above and beyond with all of the little touches in the apartment – not only did we have large fluffy towels and a comfortable bed, but we had heating, great wifi and when we arrived Wednesday evening we discovered that she had laid out a selection of breakfast ingredients including a fresh loaf of bread, eggs, milk, fruit juice, butter, jam tea/coffee etc for us for the following morning.

I don’t know if all of the hosts are as lovely as Ali was, but I know for certain that it’s cemented the fact that I’ll be using Air BnB again!

So tell me.
Have you ever used Air BnB?
If not has this changed your mind at all?
If so tell me all about your experiences!

PS) Haven’t signed up with Air BnB yet?
Use this referral code to get £13 off of your first booking!

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