I was going to write a post today about some of the things I’ve been up to recently (which you can find on my instagram) but then I started procrastinating and I got distracted by Facebook and before I knew it I had spent 25 minutes looking at old pictures of myself and sharing the most shameful ones on Twitter. Because who doesn’t want to see an 18 year old girl with some serious eyebrow-arch going on, drinking a pitcher through a straw. You’re welcome world!
Aging © 2
And it got me thinking about my teenage years, and how teenage-me would be pretty dang happy if she could see me right now.
You see, when I was 15 I was so unbelievably lost it would have almost been hilarious were it not so tragic. I was bullied, I didn’t have a clue who I was, who I wanted to be, what I wanted to do and my career advisor had just about HAD it with my indecisiveness. There was pressure everywhere.  Society wanted me to have an amazing body when I just wanted to eat everything in sight, boys wanted me to stop being better at football (and manhunt) than them, school wanted me to pick a college because application dates were closing in, and I had the pressure of upping my game when it came to hiding things because I shared a room with my sister and she kept stealing EVERYTHING.
Aging © 5 Aging ©
Looking back now I know that many people have been through similar things, but when it was actually happening I had never felt more alone. But 7 years on and things couldn’t be more different and this growing up lark is actually pretty darn awesome, and here’s some reasons why:
1) You’re not in highschool.
Because thank fuck those years are over, amirite?
2) Nobody tells you when to go to bed.
… Although sometimes it’s hard to adult and remember that you should probably do this before midnight once in a while.
3) You’re the boss.
Guess who gets to have pudding even though they didn’t eat all of their dinner?
4) You’ve started to get your shit together.
Ok so getting up at 8am on a Monday morning is still a chore, but GOODBYE TAMAGOTCHIS, because guess what? You’re mature AF now and probably responsible enough to have your own pet.
5) Your friends change.
Gone are the people who you thought you would ‘totes be BFF’s 4 LYF’ with, and instead you’re surrounded by people who genuinely care for you.
6) Realising that it’s ok to make mistakes.
Like that time you thought you could dye your hair brown with a home dye after years of being bleach blonde… You silly thing.
7) You can eat cereal for dinner and no one can judge you because you’re a grown up now.
8) Technology.
Chances are you know almost every answer to every question, because Google lives in your pocket.
9) Sex.
10) Not having sex.
Because being a buffed bronzed goddesses with legs as smooth as a unicorns mane is a right chore.
11) You can wear whatever you want.
Are dungarees still acceptable to wear over the age of 5?
Fuck it. *Wears dungarees, over-knee socks AND jelly shoes in one outfit*
12) Confidence changes everything.
And you no longer need to fake yours.
13) Shopping becomes less judgey.
Because you’re a grown up now so when people see you with a giant basket full of munch, they’ll assume that you’re having friends over and not that it’s all for you.
14) Your mind grows as well as your body.
Your metabolism’s still going strong and the only thing expanding is your understanding.
Things you didn’t care for much at school? Suddenly incredibly interesting!
15) You’re able to voice your opinion.
Remember the days when your voice wasn’t heard because you were “just a kid?”
Stand tall. Speak up. Form an opinion.
The world’s interested in your perspective. 
16) You become closer to your parents.
You get to know them as people and not parents.
And now they’re not shouting at you to clean your room, you realise that they’re actually pretty cool.
17) You’re still a child.
At heart.
And that’s perfectly ok.
Because mastering a walking handstand should always be a real-life priority.
18) But you know how to adult too.
Not completely, but enough to pay bills and stuff on time with real money.
You go Glenn Coco!
19) You’re finally comfortable.
Isn’t it fucking great to stop feeling like you need to prove yourself to everyone outside of your career?
20) Everything changes.
Your career. Your living arrangements. Your friends. Your style. Your social life. Your hair colour. Your personality. These are the years when everything becomes different, but you love it.
Transitioning into your 20’s is awesome, because being you is the only thing that requires your attention (unless you have children, then you should probably check that they’re okay too). You’re constantly moving, changing and adapting to your surroundings and despite that feeling of being “stuck” that sometimes lingers… It couldn’t be further from the truth. You’re free. Free to run, drink, sing, love, leap, fall and learn. Free to learn about the world, different cultures and yourself, and there will come a day when a map full of memories appears on your skin when you smile, and it will be beautiful, but you’ll long for the days when your body allowed you to be this free.
So go outside.
Wiggle your toes in the grass and experience your freedom, because you will never be younger than you are in this very moment.
What about you darling blog-readers?
What was the most exciting part of growing up for you?