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I’m Amy.
An insatiably curious shutterbug with a desire to eat and travel my way across the globe.
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I’m an incurable wanderluster who’s always on the hunt for her next adventure.
It doesn’t matter whether it’s overseas or in my hometown’s backyard, I absolutely bladdy lav’ exploring and writing about all of the things I’ve learnt from the locations I have rested my toothbrush.
How did Toothbrush Travels come to be?
In 2013 I moved to Thailand and quickly noticed that staying up to date with everyone back home, was kind of difficult when faced with a chunk of time difference. So I started Toothbrush Travels, a travel blog dedicated to documenting my misadventures in life, so that people could check in when it suited them. A year later and I moved back to England, but by then my love for writing had been ignited, and I’ve been tapping away on this site ever since!
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What type of content can you expect to find on Toothbrush Travels?
You’ll find personal stories, travel tips, packing guides and an abundance of photos taken from around the world. I want to be able to look back on this site when I’m old and grey and see a love story dedicated to my adventures and mishaps in life, love and travel… With a dash of wit and profanity thrown in for good measure.
Toothbrush Travels isn’t a place where you’ll see the portrayal of ‘the perfect life’, we already have a shit-ton of magazines designed to make us feel shitty about that. Instead what you’ll find is a collection of stories containing the emotions and opinions of an overly honest twenty-something exploring her way through life, learning as she goes. So, if you fancy coming along for the ride follow me on: