A Bangkok Love Affair*

Ever since my first visit in 2012 I’ve had a total love affair with Thailand.
From the heat that scoops you up in its suffocating embrace the moment you step out of the airport, to the multitude of landscapes and eateries there are to explore, there’s much to love. Yet when I tell people that Bangkok is one of my favourite places in Thailand, so often it is met with a look of confusion and a:
“But why?”
“It’s so busy!”
“There are no beaches.”
“It’s too crowded.”
And yes, the beaches are beautiful.

And yes, it is busy and crowded and complete chaos on your senses, but the thing is… I still absolutely love it because Bangkok has something for everyone. Spas, bars, nightlife and temples, food tours, markets and luxury shopping centres, whether you want to soak up the energy or expend some, you’ll be able to find something to do or something to see.

Like everywhere in the world Bangkok has its pros and cons, but I’m a total sucker for a sun-soaked city and Bangkok is just that. It’s also a whole lot more. It’s the smile that spreads across your face as you walk along a little side soi and discover an incredible noodle stall. It’s stumbling across the most beautiful temple in a completely unassuming place. It’s the heat, it’s the energy, it’s… Who knows. All I know is that I can’t get enough of the place. So when the lovely team behind Thomson Holidays invited me to Bangkok to film a video showing their customers a few of my favourite places to nip for a bite. Well I couldn’t resist. After all food is the way to this girl’s heart, and Thai food?
It’s as good as it gets.

Cross-cultural influences have created an absolute haven for tastebuds and culinary preconceptions should be left at the aircraft door, because the only way to judge Thai food is by pulling up a plastic stool and tasting a dish for yourself.  Flavoursome soups, spicy salads, succulent grilled meats, creamy desserts and items you can’t identify (yet alone pronounce). There’s an abundance of things to sink your teeth into and whether you’re seeking a quick street-food style snack, or the epitome of elegance and fine-dining, Bangkok has got your back.
So which spots made the cut?
You’ll have to click here to watch the video and find out!
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(This post was sponsored by Thomson Holidays, but as always all thoughts, opinions and obsessions with food, are my own.)
  • So far so Sabine

    Oh I wish I could travel there. Looks like heaven on earth! Would be awesome to spend my maternity leave here!

    • It’s worth the trip! More than happy to share recommendations if you ever make it across, Sabine!

  • headupgorgeous

    Great post ! Thailand is one of my favourite places to go ! Love it!

  • Karoliina Kazi

    I love thai food and although I didn’t go to Bangkok on my trip to Thailand, I can imagine it is a fantastic place with delicious food 🙂

    • So many people skip Bangkok when they go pass through and it’s such a shame because it’s such an epic city!

  • Jasmin N

    If I ever visit Thailand, I probably would go to one of their quiet islands or something. I don’t really enjoy crowded places haha 😀

    • Ahh, if you don’t enjoy crowds then central Bangkok probably isn’t the place for you but there’s plenty of other places to go. Chiang Mai is busy but much less so than bangers and the islands are incredible (Koh Lipe and Koh Lanta especially!)

  • Maikel Kerseboom

    Bangkok is so high on my travel list! I would love to go there

    • It’s an amazing place Maikel. The food, the heat, the food, the culture… Did i mention the food?

  • Thailand does seem like a beautiful place to travel and I hear it’s really cheap to travel around there too which is another added bonus

    • An incredible place with so much to see and do! It can be as affordable or as luxurious as you’d like as whilst it has an array of options for backpackers it’s also a country which has the most stunning 5-star hotels and luxury shopping mall!

  • Maninio

    Love Thailand also!! My favourite part? Food!! oh my God, the food is just delicious I could lived there forever! 🙂

    • Same Maninio! Tom Yum, deep friend snapper, mango sticky rice… *sigh* how i miss having these dishes daily!

  • Travel PrayLove

    I have definitely heard that about Bangkok, that is has something for everyone! Apparently it’s true! 😉 I love posts like this where people actually list why they love the places because sometimes it’s totally different than why other people like them!

    Real thai food is definitely on my bucket list!

    • Yes! That’s what I adore about travel everybody has a different perspective and no two people will have the *exact* same experience!

  • Kassie- The Fly Away Life

    I love finding other people that love Bangkok as much as I do. For some reason, the reasons that other people hate it (crowded, busy, overwhelming) are what I love most about it. Bangkok is a beautiful chaotic mess but it’s still my favorite spot in Asia.

    It’s also definitely a foodie haven. Great video!

    • Completely agree Kassie, Its funny because before Bangkok I was a total country girl (grew up in the English countryside) so I assumed that it would e one of those places which was overwhelming but truth is I absolutely adore how energetic the city is!

  • Aireona93

    I’m not a fan of crowds myself, but Thailand is an entire country, so I am sure that there is something for everyone. Seems like Bangkok is the same, based on your post. I would love to visit some day. :3

    • Don’t be put off by the size of the crowds, there are much quieter villages surrounding the city, especially if you head north. Kanchanaburi is reasonably quiet and is still absolutely beautiful!

  • It’s an incredible place for sure, Nora!

  • Aica Batoon

    Yes, Bangkok is indeed very beautiful! I’ve been there a few years ago and I also loved every bit of the experience. <3 I would love to go back there someday!

  • Melissa Rose

    Ahhhh, Bangkok looks insanely gorgeous. If I could only jump through my laptop into the photo.

    – Melissa

    • You can jump through into the video if that helps Melissa…
      Unfortunately smells and weather are non-transferable though! x