7 Bone Burger Co

I spend most of my days dreaming about food.
If I’m not eating it, I’m cooking it, and if I’m not cooking it I’m pinning recipes on Pinterest ready to cook. But every so often the food that I find myself dreaming about most, is burgers.

If you’ve been stopping by this blog of mine for a while I’m sure that it’s in no way a surprise to you, but if you’re new here I’m sorta kinda addicted.
Unfortunately the burger market is incredibly over-saturated with every Tom, Dick and Harry having burgers on their menu, but whilst there are plenty of places to buy a burger, finding a good burger is a whole different story.

The suggestion for 7 Bone came from a friend after I was moaning to her about our experience at 6oz Burgers and that there aren’t enough good burgers on the West Sussex / Hampshire border.
So when S and I woke up craving some meaty goodness one morning, we knew that the 40 minute drive to said-suggested burger joint was on the cards.

The decor in 7 Bone is typical of most burger joints you see across England nowadays.
Exposed brick walls, chalkboard menus, industrial furniture and clipboard menus, yet it still maintains its own identity. The menu is short but sweet offering a selection of burgers, dogs, sides and their “Smokehaus” – a selection of meats straight from their smoke pit.

I went for the pulled pork “Notorious PIG” because Piggy Piggy Piggy can’t you see, sometimes your meats just hypnotise me because it sounded delicious.

And whilst it was, I felt like it could have done with a bit more… Oomph.
The pork on its own had a beautifully smoked flavour, but when eaten with the bun its flavour was lost.

S went for the “Prince Charles Is Overrated”.
A combination of aged beef patty, bacon, cheese, pickles and their “dirty” spread.

Which I’m happy to report (from both S and the mouthful that I stole) was a damn good burger.
Perfectly pink with a bun which absorbed the juiciness of the burger without falling apart.

The sides looked incredible, but whilst I would have loved to of tried them all, I had my eyes on their drinks menu.
Serving a selection of cocktails, craft beers and milkshakes (both hard up or alcohol free) they’ve given their beverage menu just as much attention.
S worked his way through a few of the beers, but I decided to try the “Banofee” milkshake.
… Which is pictured above but doesn’t have its own mouthwatering photo because it was absolutely incredible and lasted all of two seconds. It was so delicious that I have placed it at a respectable second place (I’m yet to find somewhere that knocks this place off the top spot) in my “best milkshakes I have ever had” list.

A good burger is handheld art form, and 7 Bone seems like a place that understands this.
Unfortunately the front of house staff who were working the day we went, were awful.
They were more interested in standing around chatting then they were in taking (and then making) our (drink) order.

So go to 7 Bone.
Fill your boots with nice food.
Order a Banofee milkshake.
But if the staff take the mick and lounge about, don’t be afraid to gloss over your English awkwardness and tell them to get a move on.

Because no girl should EVER have to wait twenty minutes for her milkshake.


  1. Sweet baby cheesus that looks incredible.

  2. Krissie Rogers says

    Yum yum yum

    Love a good burger!

    Krissie x – http://pearlsofstyle.blogspot.com

  3. Burgers, oh burgers….!

  4. Kristyna says

    Cool blog:). Need a burger now!


  5. If you ever find yourself even remotely close to Atlanta you MUST give me a call. I will show you the burger to end all burgers my friend. Until then, it looks like you’ve found a decent (if sub-par) alternative… ;o)


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