6oz Burgers Southsea

Big cities.
They’re filled with amazing food places.
High end restaurants, food trucks and pop up stalls – there’s something for every taste preference and every budget. But when you live in a small coastal town on the South of England, these places can be harder to come by, especially when you’re surrounded by a shit-ton of chain restaurants.
So when you find a little independent serving kick-ass burgers, it makes lunch all that much more perfect.

6 oz burgers is in Osbourne road in Southsea.
For those that don’t know the area well *cough* finding where to park can leave you in a pickle, but luckily there’s 1 hour parking available outside the front.

A short but oh so sweet menu, with meat used from local award-winning butcher Buckwells, takes centre stage with a classic hipster layout for surroundings. Distressed wood, wooden floors, chalkboards and statement lighting make the surroundings comfortable and easy to relax in. Which is a good thing really, because if your meal is anything like ours – you might have to wait a while.

The menu is simple.
Choose a burger: Classic, Cheese, Chilli, Chicken, House or Veggie.
And if you’re still a little peckish they’ve got you covered with sides.
Courgette chips, sweet potato chips, salad or standard french fries – they’ve got something for every appetite.

Can’t decide which burger? Not a problem!
You can order an array of sliders so you can taste a little bite of everything!
Which was my original plan, but after realising that they run seasonal specials, our choices were made pretty much the moment we stepped through the door.

S went for Beef and Chorizo.
A 6 oz beef patty served with fried chorizo, lettuce, cheese, sweet pickle and house sauce served in a steamed brioche bun and a bowl of fries. (Not pictured due to hanger and need to move the car before it got clamped)

Whereas my attention was captured by the Lamb burger.
A 6oz Lamb Kofta patty served with fresh chillies, cheese, lettuce, sweet pickle and garlic yoghurt served in a steamed brioche bun, with a side of courgette chips.

This is the part where I’d like to tell you that service was swift and it wasn’t long before we were devouring our meaty goodness. But I can’t. Because even though we walked in when it wasn’t overly busy and most of the restaurant already had their food, it took fifty minutes for us to get our food (after ordering) with four tables of people (whom had walked in and sat down after they had already taken our order) getting served before us.

Needless to say we were peeved.
I don’t mind waiting for food, but you know that feeling you get when you see your food coming in a restaurant?
A combination of excitement, nerves and soon-to-be-satisfaction?
Imagine feeling that four times as your food goes straight past you to somebody else.

That was my reaction too.

Eventually we did get our food and the burgers were delicious.
Perfectly cooked patties in a bun that held up against the meat juices.
My lamb was a little over done on the outside making it a little bit chewy in places, but the flavour more than made up for it. The courgette chips were lovely. Incredibly salty but I adored them, and if you order fries…
Well make sure you’re hungry because S’ bowl was huuuuge!
But as nice as the food was, having to wait that long without so much as a “Sorry about your food, there was a mix up in the kitchen, it’ll be here soon” kind of ruined the experience for me.

You can find them at:
46 Osbourne Road
Website: <here>
02393 079957