London Day Trip

A London day trip is my favourite type of trip.

I mean living in London would be my biggest favourite but until I have a limitless bank account and somebody invents a metabolism booster I’ll stick to my day trips, because if I lived in London now I would become very poor and very very fat.

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The good news is that the train to London takes just under two hours from Chichester station, making it the perfect distance to indulge in a day trip every now and then. So when S and I booked 2 weeks off work to explore Ol’ Blighty, London was around the top of our list.

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If I’m honest I only really wanted to go to London to eat at Bao.
I follow a great deal of foodies on Twitter and Bao was a name I saw regularly on my timeline with nothing but positive reactions and because I’m easily influenced I knew it was a place I had to try.

S and I weren’t very sure which day we were going to be visiting thee ol’ capital, but when Edna (of Expat Edna) mentioned she was back from Venice, in London AND free for lunch I asked Sam if he fancied meeting some more internet strangers, and when he told me he was up for it Edna and I set a date.
At Bao.
Because yano.
Food first.

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After stocking up on delicious Taiwanese food Joe, Edna, S and I began roaming the streets of London before making our way to Covent Garden to view Charles Pétillon’s ‘Heartbeat’ exhibit.

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Charles Pétillon is known for his balloon work, more specifically for using said balloons to create eerie images in everyday settings, but the ‘Heartbeat’ exhibit in Covent Garden was a special one because it was the first time members of the public were able to see his work. It was also his first sculpture outside of France and his largest sculpture yet spanning 50 metres.

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‘Heartbeat’ was (it only ran from August until September 27th) made up of over 100,000 latex balloons tied together like a floating cloud with pulses of light that flowed through them. The sculpture weighed 320 kilos and took a team of five 25 nights to inflate all of the balloons.

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I loved that the exhibit managed to capture the full attention of those that passed by.
You could see people and lenses alike exploring the installation from every possible angle – bringing a new lease of attention to the various elements of the building in which it was housed.

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The exhibition was made all that more enjoyable by the incredible opera singer which was performing that afternoon.

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Her vocals were seriously impressive and carried across the building and even further afield, so much so that when we were stood outside watching this busker…

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We could still hear her.

After a mini pub crawl S and I said goodbye to Edna and Joe and made our way back to the station. We hadn’t originally planned on stopping for dinner but as we were walking through Chinatown I spied a window full of traditionally roasted duck, and as I crept in closer to inspect the menu I spied those six magic words.
Crispy Pork Belly and Roast Duck.
A dish that I have loved for years but hadn’t had for over a year and a half when we were last in Thailand.

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Unfortunately my over-excitedness at meat caused us to miss our direct train home, so armoured with an additional hour or so until the next one I stocked up on macaroons and plied S with beer so he wouldn’t moan at me and my insatiable hunger.

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He still tried to.
Because really? £13+ on macaroons is a little steep.
But it you’re reading this and moaning at the price then I’ll tell him the same as I told you.
It’s a present to myself and if you moan at me I won’t share.

Turns out sharing delicious macaroons is a sure way to silence!

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Who knew!

So, darling blog-readers.
I need suggestions for our next London day trip!
Where are your favourite places to eat / go in London?
  • That looks like an amazing exhibit! I love Laduree too but it is indeed expensive, so you definitely need to think of it as a gift to yourself!
    If I go to London next year, do you think you could go on a day trip so you can meet this internet stranger too?

    • It’s only these past few years that i’ve really started to appreciate the visual art of exhibits such as this and I loved how everybody became engrossed in it – made with something as simple as balloons.

      And in to your answer OF COURSE! xo

      • Awesome, will contact you as soon as I have it all sorted out, then! 🙂

        • Exciting! We can have scones AND FISH AND CHIPS AND ALL THE CARBS xo

  • That exhibit looks incredible! I can’t even begin to figure out how no balloons were popped. Ha! I’ve only visited London once, but I apparently did a most terrible job finding delicious things to eat. Man, your dishes sound top notch! Bao sounds right up my alley. If I ever head over there again, you’d better believe I will make it there.

    • Some of them had deflated and looked like little raisins amongst grapes but on the whole they were pretty much all still inflated which was pretty epic. I bet the people who had to take it down had a great time popping them all!

      London food is amazing but unfortunately it’s hard to know where to go with at least a little research because you could end up somewhere not so great when just next door is somewhere totally amazing.

      Bao was definitely worth the trip (and the queues!) xo

  • Aren’t random Internet stranger meals the best!?

    • YES!
      I mean I’ve got a good stream going at the moment, lots of internet stranger lunches and a series killer hasn’t got to me yet… WIN! xo

  • OoOoOo let me know the next time you’re here!

    • Will do! I’m hoping to pop up for Winter Wonderland xo

  • Elise

    I want to see the heartbeat exhibit!! It was all over Insta and Snapchat like all of fashion week. So jealous!

    • It’s gone now my dear!
      Love how many people were united by their love of balloon art though! xo