100 Points of Happy

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As I was driving to work today, all happy, singing along to my favourite tunes on the radio, I realised that it’s so easy to get consumed by all of the negativity in the world (for example people whom drive 20mph in a 50 *SMH*) and negativity is shared so often that sometimes it can be hard to see the good. So I decided to make a list of things that make me happy in order to counteract this, a list of 100 things.
And so, in no particular order, here are 100 things that make me happy:

1) Food.

2) More food.

3) The sound of rain against a tin roof.

4) Waking up to the smell of bacon.

5) Gin.

6) Films that make you cry happy tears.

7) Toasting marshmallows on an open fire.

8) Falling asleep cuddling.

9) Freshly washed sheets.

10) Waking up and realising you have hours before you have to get up.

11) Bubble baths.

12) Baby animals.

13) Sam.

14) The way Hayden (my 1 and 1/2 yo nephew) calls Sam, “Ham”.
It’s bladdy adorable.

15) Adventures.

16) Documentaries voiced by David Attenborough.

17) Laab.

18) Polaroid pictures.

19) Blogging.

20) Realising S has already done the washing up.

21) Star gazing.

22) Candle light.

23) Laksa.

24) Flying.

25) Bike rides in summer.

26) Thailand.

27) Calligraphy.

28) Being able to do a headstand.

29) Last-minute holidays.

30) Bubble baths.

31) Scuba diving.

32) Road trips.

33) Thick butter on fresh bread.

34) Camping.

35) Getting your hair washed at the hairdressers.

36) Warm cookies fresh out of the oven.

37) Finding gorgeous but totally unexpected places.

38) Uncontrollable laughter.

39) The wind on your face as you ski down a mountain.

40) Mango sticky rice.

41) Stepping on the scales after an indulgent week month and realising you haven’t gained as much as you thought you had.

42) Back tickles.

43) Barefoot beach walks.

44) Ticking items off your bucket list.

45) Listening to people speak in different languages.

46) Books you can’t put down.

47) Wearing Sam’s loungewear.

48) Meeting people who “get” your silly sense of humour.

49) Receiving blog comments.

50) People playing with my hair.

51) Taking photos.

52) Elephants.

53) The smell of freshly ground coffee and vanilla.

54) Handwritten letters.

55) The sound of snow crunching beneath your feet.

56) Taking off your bra after a long day.

57) Getting the window seat on a flight.

58) When your ‘ready to eat’ avocado is actually ready to eat.

59) Finding a new favourite pen.

60) When people laugh at my lame jokes.

61) The perfect cup of tea.

62) When you drop something but catch it before it hits the floor.

63) Laying in bed with the windows open on a warm spring morning listening to the birds chirp.

64) Finding money in your old handbags.

65) Your legs after they’ve been waxed/shaved. SO SMOOTH

66) When you’re sleep cuddling and they pull you closer.

67) Countryside walks.

68) Meaningful conversations.

69) Putting together an outfit and feeling fly as fuck.

70) Feeling smug in the rain because you wore wellies

71) Mini eggs.

72) When you see your food coming at a restaurant.

73) When you go over a hill and your tummy flips.

74) Being able to rap your favourite song like a BOSS.

75) When your nephew runs to you to give you a cuddle (as opposed to all of the times he runs away from you).

76) Human’s Of New York.

77) When hard work pays off.

78) Decorating the Christmas tree.

79) Naps.

80) When you parallel park like a champ.

81) When you actually manage to get a tan through the millions of gallons of suncream you wear.

82) Traffic lights staying green for you.

83) When people defend you when you can’t defend yourself.

84) Blanket forts.

85) Late night movie marathons.

86) When you think a spider is on you but it’s just your hair. OH THE RELIEF.

87) Giving presents that the receiver loves.

88) The cold side of the pillow.

89) Family holidays.

90) Finally being comfortable with who you are.

91) Managing to successfully order your meal in a different country using a different language.

92) Surprise presents.

93) When you shove your hair up and it actually looks half decent.

94) Working on your own projects.

95) Getting the bigger half when you split something.

96) Apple crumble and custard.

97) Friendship’s built on mutual weirdness.

98) Christmas

99) Picnics.

100) Stationary.

What about you?
What are the things that make you happy?