10 Things

There are millions of blogs on this little internet machine we call home.
But despite the fact that bloggers choose to share so much of their lives online, not many people actually know the real them. So I thought I’d do something different today and tell you 10 things that you may not know about me.

1) I have a lisp.
Ok, so if you’ve met me, you already know this one, but there’s a good few hundred of you that don’t so… SURPRISE. Occasionally I sound a bit like snake when I say a word with an ‘S’ in.

2) I can make balloon things.
Ok, technically I only know how to make a flower, a dog, a snake and a worm.
Does it count if a snake and a worm are basically just blown up balloons?
Whatevs. Totally counting it.

3) I have a scar as long as an iPhone 5 on my stomach.
I know it’s that long because I literally just measured it whilst writing this sentence.
Want to know how I got it? Showing off.
Now I’m no show-pony but when I was younger I played football a lot, and on one rainy day one of the boys booted the football so hard it got stuck at the very top of a tree. Queue people too sensible scared to go and get it themselves. Feeling brave I nominated myself, retrieved the football, and just as I was about to return to solid ground injury free and claim my fame… My foot slipped and I slid down the remaining tree with a branch slightly piercing into my stomach.
It didn’t cut me deep enough to fear for my life, but it did give me a kick ass scar, although it’s almost faded now.

4) I’m not scared of dying.
So many people think I’m morbid for already knowing that I want to be buried in one of those pod things that turns me into a tree, and you bet your ass that I want to be a mighty strong tree, because somebody damn well better build a tree house on my dead-tree-body when I’m gone, but I’ve never understood why people fear the only term and condition that comes with their life.

5) Sometimes I start things and don’t fin…
I do this one more than I want to admit.
I have a half written children’s book and two other projects that I haven’t finished and I don’t know why. Any therapists out there?

6) Without Me by Eminem is my favourite song.
I don’t know why.
Eminem is incredible and has created so many better songs than this one, but for some reason Without Me never fails to cheer me up.

7) My favourite colours are green and blue.
They’re just so natural and earthy and make me feel all zen and stuff.

8) I’m not a very good swimmer but sometimes I am.
Hold my head above water and it’s like my limbs forget how to move but stick a snorkel on me and I can swim for miles. Go figure.

9) I hate small talk.
I’m not one of those English people who ask “how are you” as a greeting.
If I’m asking, I’m genuinely interested.

10) And here’s one that I don’t tell anyone.
Sam is the first person I have ever been in love with and despite us being together for 6 and a half years and knowing that he loves every part of my ridiculous self, I still find myself terrified that our relationship is too good to be true and that one day he’ll wake up and realise I’m too weird for him.

Share something in the comments that not many people would know!

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