Giggling Squid – Chichester*

Giggling Squid has recently set up a restaurant in Chichester and as somebody who is completely and utterly obsessed with Thai food, you can bet that I was first in line when they opened their doors. Almost literally, because on the 15th of June I was invited to the opening night of their Chichester branch. […]

Hello Again

As I sit in the garden I realise how annoying it is that the gentle breeze keeps blowing my hair gently across my back. It fucking tickles. To the right of me S’ motorbike cover ripples in the breeze causing a crinkling sound, broken only by the seagulls squawking from our roof, and the gentle […]

Find What You Love

There’s a saying which goes “find what you love and do more of it” and as we got back from our road trip around France my soul was once again soothed having spent the past week doing just that. Sure, by the time we got home it was dark, I was sweaty and I’m pretty sure […]

Are Last Minute Deals Dead?

It’s not often that I find myself with ten days off and no plans. Usually my locations are thought out with the places I want to see, go to and eat at. But when I discovered I had miscalculated my holiday allowance and had four days of holiday left to use I found myself in […]


The month was June, the day was Tuesday and I was spending it with Nikki as she was in England for a short while. As we walked along the Thames, my phone rang. “Hello Amy, it’s Annabelle, just calling to let you know that the vendor has accepted your offer”. I stopped dead in my […]

Picking The Right Travel Insurance Policy

Buying travel insurance is one of those things that so many people forget about until it’s too late. Travel insurance is one of those things that doesn’t cross your mind until your luggage is lost, your flight cancelled or you’ve hurt yourself and are faced with extortionate medical costs. Travel insurance is one of those […]

A Day In The Life

I’ve never done one of these “day in the life” posts before. Mainly because I’m forgetful and forget to remember every little thing I’m up to, but also because I’m sure that there are a lot of times where my life is interesting for me, but not my readers. (Unless that’s wrong in which case […]

Currently: The 2018 Edition

In 2014 I wrote a list. This list to be exact.   I thought it would be a good way to capture what it was I was feeling in that moment without spilling my metaphorical guts onto the internet. When I published that post I was exhausted from working ridiculous hours in an industry I […]

My Favourite Travel Blogs

Travel bloggers. There’s an abundance of them, with more joining this little keyboard club everyday. An abundance of stories, pictures and unique perspectives just waiting to be discovered. I’m currently sat in bed with a bit of a headache perusing Bloglovin; catching up on where people have been in the world. It’s like my very own desktop […]

Recognising Travel Privilege

I love blogging, I love travelling – so the fact that travel blogging exists makes my heart incredibly happy. I’m able to read about adventures from all of the metaphorical corners of the globe, whilst sitting in my blanket with a cup of English Breakfast Tea. I’m able to discover people’s stories and learn about […]