Boxgrove Ruins

Boxgrove Ruins is a place that has graced the backdrop of many a photoshoot. But before Boxgrove Ruins became the it place to have your engagement photos taken, it was a place steeped in history earning it its Grade 1 listing. England has been gloriously warm lately, so S and I decided that we’d get out […]

Why, Toothbrush Travels?

If you’re reading this and you write a blog then you already know that naming a blog is bladdy difficult…     But if you’re reading this as somebody who doesn’t blog, then I’m going to tell you this: Naming a blog is harder than naming a baby. I know, I know, bold claim.   The […]

Bluebells in Chichester

Spring has sprung and the Bluebells in Chichester are out in full force. I’m quite lucky because I live in an incredibly charming city. Chichester has it’s pros and cons, like anywhere else in the world, but it’s old roman history combined with its small town city (we have a cathedral don’t you know) and countryside […]

Three Year Bloggiversary

If you told me three years ago that I’d be able to sit here and say “HEY YOU GUYS TODAY IS MY THREE YEAR BLOGGIVERSARY!” I’d tell you you were mad and then laugh you out of the room because everybody who knew me knows that my interests used to change quicker than the English weather. Yet […]

Ilios, Eindhoven

Choosing where to eat in a new city can be a difficult task. I don’t tend to use TripAdvisor, because as somebody who used to work in the food industry, I feel that so often it’s incredibly damaging to restaurants without due cause (such as when the customers are unbearable beyond belief yet somehow the restaurant gets […]

Exploring Eindhoven

Exploring Eindhoven was something that, unfortunately, we didn’t have much time to do. Due to the time constraints that came with being there for a two (full) day event it didn’t leave many daylight hours to wander around and check out the local museums.     What it did leave us with though, was a clear-skied, […]

Valkenswaard MX GP

If you didn’t catch my last post (and why ever not?) S and I recently took a little European road trip. We hopped aboard the Eurotunnel and headed all the way to The Netherlands just in time for the Valkenswaard MX GP. Although we did get slightly distracted along the way, making a little pitstop in […]

Driving To Belgium For Waffles

When I heard that we would be driving to Belgium there was one thing on my mind Waffles. (Why yes that corner is missing because I nibbled on it before taking the photo!) Now, before I delve into these doughy little delights, let’s rewind a little. On Easter bank holiday S and I decided to […]

Day Trip To Bath

Do you ever wake up in the morning and think “I want to go somewhere different today?” Because that’s exactly what happened on the weekend when we took a day trip to Bath. Well… Kinda. I woke on Saturday morning to a gentle elbow nudge from S. “Amy, it’s 10am, wake up!” I stirred and […]

100 Points of Happy

  As I was driving to work today, all happy, singing along to my favourite tunes on the radio, I realised that it’s so easy to get consumed by all of the negativity in the world (for example people whom drive 20mph in a 50 *SMH*) and negativity is shared so often that sometimes it can […]